AMD let the cat out of the bag a little earlier this week during their earnings call, giving away the big news on Windows 10 and its estimated release. The OS is in tech preview right now while our Redmond buddies work out some bugs, but there hasn’t really been a solid release timeline besides “summer” until now. During some questing answering, CEO Lisa Su let slide that Windows 10 will be making an appearance at the end of July, giving us a bit better estimate at how far along Microsoft is at pushing out the final builds of the system.

Windows 10 is currently in Tech Preview, and Microsoft is getting closer and closer to polishing up the overall software and Project Spartan. News has it that they’ll be releasing an official name for the new browser at the BUILD conference later on in addition to more details so it’s a waiting game for now.

Microsoft is banking on Windows 10 to recapture a large portion of their “pirate” market, saying that they’ll opt to update bootlegged copies of Windows 7 and 8 for free to regain some customer loyalty. It’s a smart move on their part, especially in Asia; a large amount of the population can’t afford to purchase the license for Windows as is, and rely on aftermarket copies to keep with the flow.

You can expect Canada to get Windows 10 at pretty much release, so we won’t be waiting long past the end of July to start updating.


Via: The Verge

Source: AMD Earnings Call