Google has been slowly releasing an update to Google Now that enables eligible users to have Voice Search from literally anywhere on a phone, including the lock screen. The news was announced a while ago, however, it seems that a lot of us haven’t been able to get the feature just yet. There’s a really funny quick fix that Android Police found though, and it’s available on any supported device that has the latest Google Search/Now update. It seems that Google has supported the default language (English US), and if you follow a few easy steps you’ll be running Google’s voice search everywhere.

Now, the most crucial step to activating Google Now’s search everywhere is the first; Open up the Search bar from the homescreen or the app, and type in “Okay Google Everywhere.” You should start seeing a slew of search results, and what you’ll want to do is ignore all of these and head back to the homescreen. Google seems to have installed a little easter egg for those willing enough to look for it, and looking up the magic words unlocks the trick. To release the full effect of our little magic show, head into the Voice tab of Google Now’s settings, and from there into the “Ok Google” detection option. Enable the now available “Any screen” and “lock screen” feature, and voila! Just a note again, if your language option is not set to “English (US),” it’s unlikely you will be able to enable the any screen option until Google rolls out extended language support for the feature.


Source: Android Police