It’s a proud moment for Canadian film-aficionados and Comic Con fans alike; ‘Rookie Blue’ stars Missy Peregrym and Peter Mooney are taking ‘The Proposal,’ a short action flick, to San Diego this week. The film, nine minute piece directed by Geordie Sabbagh, details the first meeting of a couple on a blind date. Instead of following the usual routine of awkward conversation and feigned shyness, ‘The Proposal’ takes viewers on a ballad of fisticuffs and gun-slinging.

Peregrym and Mooney are two familiar faces, currently starring on Canadian drama Rookie Blue, where they are effectively a couple on screen. All bets are off, however, as the two take on the roles of Jack and Sara and effectively beat the crap out of each other. The film itself was shot in Toronto over the course of a period of a couple days, running a cost of around $50,000, which director Sabbagh says was extremely tight.

The highlight of course is the fact that ‘The Proposal’ is making it to Comic Con later this week; Sabbagh says that it’s a real honour for his movie to make it that far. And in truth, it is. Comic Con is a mecca for action lovers everywhere, bringing in some of the hottest stars and celebrities in the TV and Comic world. When it comes to ‘The Proposal’ exclusively, the fact that a Canadian made short has the chance to shine is enough for most of us. Compound two rising stars like Peregrym and Mooney on top of that, and the film is a true showcase of what local talent has to offer.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to see any clips or get any more info on the film, but hopefully something will pop up around and after Comic Con. ‘The Proposal’ seems like a fun little production to take note of and watch; and the Comic Con appearance is just another testament to the abilities and potential of our own.


Update: Geordie Sabbagh,  the big man himself, sent us over a trailer link! It looks pretty good, so be sure to check it out.


The Proposal trailer on Vimeo

Source: Times Colonist